Final Warrior

by Rene Rosa

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This is my love letter to Japanese RPG's, especially those from the PS One era. Granted, much of the inspiration predates that, of course, but really, revisiting those games is what drove me to write this song.


I woke up two years ago,
With no memories
In your home.
And I thank you for all of your help,
Since you nursed me
back to health.
How I got here, nobody knows,
But my destiny
Is pure hope.
Am I royalty hidden in rags?
Well, just maybe,
I'm half-dragon.

Smashing barrels and jars for some loot,
In the distance,
I hear flutes.
It must be the annual fair,
Let's go visit
The town square.
As we party someone attacks,
It's a villain,
Dressed in black.
He says that we're one and the same
Then we fight,
and I'm shamed.

And it feels like I'm supposed to lose.
No one seems to care that my hair is blue.
An errand boy just a day ago,
And now I'm here to be your hero.

The elders say that I must train,
Unlock memories
In my brain.
So I'll do that by killing some rats,
In the cellar,
With an axe.
Now someone in the town has gone sick,
I must get herbs,
Safe and quick.
But first I must run and go save,
All the kids
Stuck in a cave.

And it feels like my childhood is through.
No one seems to care that my hair is blue.
An amnesiac just a week ago,
And now I'm here to be your hero.

The chosen one!
The fated one!
The child of pure prophecy has come.
The hero from
The furthest lands,
Comes with enchanted sword in hand.
The voiceless one,
Forgotten son,
Usually of royal blood has come.
The strongest one,
In our dungeon,
Fighting all monsters at random.


released February 15, 2014
Rene Rosa - all lyrics and music: vocals, guitar, bass, handclaps, keyboard, toothpick shaker



all rights reserved


Rene Rosa Jersey City, New Jersey

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